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House for Enjoying the Harsh Cold
In the Hokkaido town of Taiki-cho, the winters are cold and isolated. But the architecture and lifestyle in this natural state of coldness and inconvenience can also be seen in a positive way. Sustainable approaches that do not rely on machinery can be found in every region. These include gazing up at the starry sky while wearing a coat, jumping from a hot sauna into an intensely cold lake (a special Finnish pleasure), and Japanese hot springs. In Taiki-cho, beautiful water and greenery exist side-by-side with the severe conditions. What would happen if you tried to create a similar situation with artificial materials? Imagine what kind of building you could create without worrying about the locality of the materials. Please design an exciting facility to enjoy the environment in Taiki-cho. Insulation is okay, but please create something that could be used for a short period that incorporates exciting elements like a bonfire – something that human beings have used since primitive times – or the sound of steam.

[lixilin internet sitesinde yarışma temasının metni. türkçeye çevrilmiş hali oldukça kısaltılmış ve basitleştirilmiş gibi. çeviride gözden kaçan önemli yerler var.]

bu da domusun revisiting memu meadows başlıklı geçen yılın projesinden bahseden yazısının en alt paragrafı:

House for Enjoying the Harsh Cold is theme for the next competition, challenging the participating universities to think beyond the notion of architecture as shelter. Transitioning from the house model to one where the program itself is open to interpretation, the relationship to site and its local culture also becomes increasingly critical: What defines a local culture in a remote town far from metropolis, beyond their community based festivals and traditions, or their climactic and environmental data? The accumulation of building processes and their collective materiality in Memu provide various insights to such a question.

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